Vital MX Evo Wheelset tested

We are really pleased to see our new ‘Evo’ wheels featured in Vital MX after being rigorously tested!

Having a spare set of aftermarket wheels is a bit of a luxury, due to the somewhat extreme prices of the top-of-the-line sets. Quite honestly, though, these were the only option I would have seriously considered, since entry-level wheelsets often seemed to be not only heavier than stock, but also quite a bit weaker. What’s the point of buying a shiny new set of wheels, if they’re just going to change shape when you come up short on a double? The crew at Dubya recognized that not everyone has the budget to go after the same wheels they build for the likes of JGR or Red Bull KTM. That’s why they teamed up with one of the companies they represent, Talon, to build a suitable wheelset for the everyday Joe that also wouldn’t break the bank.

Read the full interview on Vital MX here:,57/Dubya/Talon-EVO,14190#product-reviews/709?