It has come to our notice that some people are selling second hand talon wheels on e-bay with the wrong information.

Although we have nothing against the wheels being sold, we are very concerned that they are not being used in the correct form that they were originally intended for.

Most talon hubs/wheels are made for each individual model (i.e. honda wheels are made for honda’s and yamaha wheels are made for yamahas etc) but we have been informed that talon wheels are being sold with the information that it is possible to buy a conversion kit to fit which ever model you need them for, this is not possible and we would not recommend this.

All models are different, they have different size axles, different wheel alignments etc and it is not safe to just ‘make these fit’ all talon wheels have their own serial number stamped on the hubs and if you contact talon and give us the serial number (preferably before you buy them) then we can tell you if the wheels are suitable for your model bike.

After all if all talon hubs were the same then why would we have so many different applications?
If you need any advice or information at all please don’t hesitate to contact us.