• Front Sprockets


    Our front sprockets are heat-treated for maximum life, precision CNC machined from Nickel-Chrome Molybdenum steel, zinc plated to avoid corrosion and race proven by American and European race teams.


    Nickel-chrome Molybdenum/case hardened.

  • Miscellaneous Parts


    Security bolts

    The Talon tyre clamp has been a mainstay in the product range for many years and is a hugely popular product. It is made from the highest quality aluminium and reduces the tyres ability to turn on the rim under heavy load.

    Torque wrench

    Talon’s torque wrench has been used by race teams across the world, to ensure correct spoke tension, for over 15 years. There are 2 different settings, depending on application, and various heads are available depending on your make and model.

    Nuts and bolts

    We stock a massive number of fixing bolts for many applications. The Talon sprocket and disc bolts have been race proven in the harshest of conditions and a product relied upon by champions past and present across the globe. Most Talon hubs and wheels are supplied with a full set of disc and sprocket fixing bolts.

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